The Day in the life of a future Star- to- be, can be hard work but a whole lot of fun too! Rise and shine is at 7:30, and you have 45 minutes for toiletries, and to pick out today's outfit. Then its off for breakfast at 8:30 where you decide if it will be hot cakes or cold cereal today or  maybe both. 30 minutes later you are headed to the first rehearsal cycle at 9:15 am. There you break into groups and rotate between instructors, that includes the Director (Drama / blocking), the Musical Director (Voice), the Choreographer (Dance) After 3 hours of  intense work, you've realized you have exerted a lot of energy and  you really could use some lunch. Its 12:30pm so why not? So many choices! Pizza, Hamburgers, Pasta, Salad? Thank goodness you have a nice break afterwards, to digest and rest up before the next rehearsal cycle at 2:15pm. This time the groups come together to review everything they've learn so far. Professional performers tend to stop by around this time for a nice workshop and a meet and greet. 6:00pm! Suppertime!!  There are so many entrees to choose from, that it will take you a week to try everything!  What's next? More rehearsals?? NO! This is your time for recreational activities, and socialization. For the next 3 hours you can do what you want on our closed campus. I'm sure you will choose to head to the beach for light watersports and sunning. Then again... there are video games, foosball, football, basketball, soccer, and movies on a projection screen too! Plus all  the phones that were collected in the morning, are now returned for your usage until the next morning. You head back to the Dorms at 10pm, perform evening toiletries, maybe chat with your dorm mate , then lights out  at 11:30pm.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep and then repeat.

Theater Heaven!

7:30                              RISE & SHINE

8:30                              BREAKFAST

9:15                              REHEARSAL #1

12:30 pm                      LUNCH

1:15                              45 min. BREAK

2:15                              REHEARSAL #2

6:00                              SUPPERTIME

6:45                              REC.  3 hours

10:00                            DORMS

11:30                            LIGHTS OUT