Q: What are the dates for 2021?


Monday June 20th to Sunday July 18th- 4 week session!


Q: How much does the session cost?


4 week session is only $1,400.

(Price is higher for stay away campers living on campus)

Q: What are the ages?


Ages 5 - 18 

Q: Camp capacity?


100 students, divided in 3 groups with about 33 students in each of the productions.

Q: What about the pricing of the camp?

Our camps are 30% more affordable than comparable camps! We are able to do so without losing the professional experience for our students too.

Q: Do you require auditions?


Auditions are not required prior to sign up... BUT we ask every student to send in a video file of them singing any song of their choice. ANY genre is acceptable, but the song should be something that shows your abilities. Do not feel that you must be the greatest singer, we are here to teach.  Some of our students are strong dancers or actors, which all have their place in a good production. Callbacks and casting happen on the 2nd day of camp. EVERYONE IS CAST in at least one production offered in each session. It is possible to be in 2 shows in one session.


Q: Callbacks?

That is when the Director allows actors to sing songs from the show, as well as readings from the script. Dance combinations are also taught at this time too. This is the professional way to cast a production, and it gives the student multiple opportunities to actually show their potential . Believe it or not; some of our competitors actually omit this and cast based on past “faves”. This is AGAINST our policy.


Q: What if I am a newbie?


There is no “seniority” here at our camp and everyone gets the same opportunities for roles. Newbies play leads and featured parts in every camp production.


Q: Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are PROFESSIONALS and not volunteers or students. Their backgrounds range from Broadway, national tours, regional theater, and television.


Q: My child has ADHD and /or is on medication, can they attend?


Many of our students have ADHD and our busy and active schedule is a perfect fit for their personalities. As for medication, our nurse will be responsible for administering your child's medicine. 


Q: I don’t live in California. Can I still attend Colabo Performing Arts?


Yes of course! Campers can fly in from all over the world to attend our camp. We assist with camper pick-up and drop-off from the San Diego International Airport, at the start and end of each session. Please note: This is only available to campers ages 13 to 18. 

You must email or call us (619 366-5075) directly for pricing and availability.

Q: What are the accommodations for out of town campers?

Campers are assigned a 2 person dorm room that includes shower and 3 meals a day in our cafeteria. You must email or call us

(619 366-5075) directly for pricing and availability.

Q- What about Covid- 19?


Vaccinations are now available, and by the month of May everyone will be able to get one. We are asking all of our Staff and the students, to receive a vaccine shot BEFORE attending our summer camp in June.


Q: Why should I give your camp a try?


We offer competitive rates, a 4 week session, 3 meals a day, modernized theater, and a private beach location. We actually spend more hours of a camp day, working on our productions. Other performing arts camps only spend about 3 hours working on the shows. They then send the students to unrelated classes or to play all day. We are not here to color paper plates all day! We still have  daily fun / free time, but AFTER we handle our business.

Q: Performances?


Performances are the final week of camp and are scheduled so each production has 4 showings. We are located in a metropolitan area (and not in the deep mountains), so the general public likes to attend our productions. Our students are not just performing for each other or their parents, but for the city as a whole. The shows are also professionally filmed and will stream online too. This is GREAT exposure! (Public performances still depends on the CDC and the state of Covid 19, but the new administration is very optimistic.)

Q: Can I apply from overseas?

Yes! We accept credit cards, so you can apply instantly from anywhere in the world.

Q: How do I apply? The application link is here.