Our Commitment To You

Colabo Performing Arts inc. is a 501 (c) 3 (Non-Profit) and has been in business since 1995. We have produced countless productions, and have worked with generations of children, teens, and adults. After a hiatus in 2015, (and viewing the fallout from the pandemic in 2020), we made a conscious decision to return to what we do best. Too many students have been forced into remote learning and have had their artistic growth stunted. Drama departments were forced to cancel productions (in some cases) in their final week of rehearsals. We felt that it was imperative to host a professional theater camp, for a new generation of performers, in dire need of the Arts.


We have partnered with seasoned Directors, Music teachers, and Choreographers in order to ensure that the training is optimum. Our high quality sets and costumes, are rented from touring companies and regional theaters. Our hosts for this endeavor, is The Army Navy Military Academy. They are an award winning school, who have been in existence for over 100 years. Their 16 acres campus, is absolutely beautiful and is an active boarding school during the year. Did we mention that the campus is at the beach? This is a far cry from a rainy, cold, campground deep in a forested mountain!


You will find that our camps are the best value (that you will find) for what we have to offer. This includes a 4 week session, training from multiple professionals, countless recreational activities, life long friendships made, and all culminating in the presentation of 3 full length musicals! Parents are invited the final weekend of camp to see as many performances as they'd like. We give you all of this AND we are 30% less than our competitors!



If you are interested , we do recommend that you fill out the  registration form here online. We only take 90 students which allows us to split them evenly for productions and insure that no one gets lost in the crowd. It is also our policy to balance the ages of our camp. We want equal amounts of males vs. female and the appropriate ages. Some our shows need older teens that are ages 15 to 18 and so we might hold spots for applicants that fit. We want our kids to have appropriate social groups here at camp.


You will soon know for yourself, that we are truly committed to the safety and education of our students. This is not the business to be in, if you don't love the Arts and young artists equally. We do.

Welcome to the Family!



P.S. Did you know that you can get a tax credit, and write off ALL of your  child's Summer camp tuition? We are also a 501(c) 3 / non profit and can give you a donation voucher to also be used for tax credit.